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The Four HVAC Terms You Need to Know

We usually don’t spend too much time thinking about our AC systems. We just want them, and expect them, to work. And when the AC fails, we don’t think much about the repair or replacement other than the fact that it needs to be repaired or replaced ASAP. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately … Read More »

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Megohm Meters for Preventive Maintenance and Breakdowns

Megohm meters (meggers) are electrical meters used to check the resistance and condition of the motor windings and the condition of the refrigeration and oil environment around the motor windings. A megger is nothing but a giant ohmmeter that creates a very large dc voltage (usually 500 volts dc) from its internal battery. The meter … Read More »

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What Would Happen if the Globe Used AC Like We Do?

Are we exporting our high energy consumption habits? It’s summer, and those air conditioners (central and window-mounted alike) are chugging away ferociously to beat the heat in the United States. No wonder, with the weather being hot and sticky in many US cities (notorious heat sinks thanks to all the pavement) as well as outlying … Read More »

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Cut A/C Costs With a Programmable Thermostat

One big problem with setback thermostats is that they can be tough to program. Remember VCRs? The 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) commonly referred to as “the energy code”, requires at least one clock setback thermostat be installed in a new home.  Setback thermostats- When properly programmed, can help reduce energy use by setting … Read More »

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Study: Home Air Conditioning Cut Premature Deaths on Hot Days 80 Percent Since 1960

As winter begins to tighten its grip on much of the United States, air conditioning doesn’t seem like much of a survival strategy. But a new study has found that home air conditioning played a key role in reducing American death rates over the past half-century, by keeping people cool on extremely hot days. The … Read More »

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