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Water Source Heat Pump Systems

Water source heat pump systems are among the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly methods to heat and cool buildings. Self-contained, high efficiency units can be located nearly anywhere within a building to serve individual zones. The system makes maximum use of building diversity, transferring heat from where it is not needed to where it … Read More »

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Measures Of Efficiency

Building Systems Data Can Be Used To Manage Equipment Operations And Determine How To Run The Building More Efficiently. Imagine driving a car without a speedometer, gas gauge, or tachometer. You could get from point A to point B, but would have no feedback on compliance with speed limits or the efficiency of your driving. … Read More »

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Cincinnati toughens scrap-metal sale restrictions

CINCINNATI Cincinnati approved tough new restrictions Wednesday on metal sales in a measure aimed at curbing theft problems — such as the case of a former crematory worker accused of dumping human ashes and selling the urns for scrap. The City Council voted 5-4 for rules that legislative experts say will be among the nation’s … Read More »


Improving Motor Efficiency

Motors, Energy Efficiency Motors and the loads they drive represent some of the largest users of electricity in commercial and institutional facilities. Because motors are such high users of energy, they present a tremendous opportunity for maintenance and engineering managers to reduce energy use and cost through improved motor efficiency. One such opportunity occurs when … Read More »

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Scrap Metal: One Man’s Treasure is City’s Headache

Scavenging scrap metal to sell enables 28-year-old Milissa Scarberry and family of seven to get by. She advertises on Craigslist offering free pickup, knocks on doors when she sees piles of metal outside, or helps herself to junked metal left on the curb for trash removal. She usually earns $40 or so a day, sometimes … Read More »

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