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Green Jobs: HVAC Predicted Growth Leader in Green Buildings Market

In late January 2012, LG Electronics introduced new energy efficient HVAC products to the market. As an award-winning HVAC solutions provider, LG is committed to developing innovative products that save energy. According to the press release, their third generation Variant Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Multi V III commercial air conditioning system headlined the new line of … Read More »

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Eco-bling: Get Out of My Grill and Seal Up Your Ducts

Following up on my recent posts on solar panels, bamboo floors, and tankless water heaters, I feel the need to vent further about the tendency for people to add stuff to their homes, thinking that it makes them “green” when in fact this stuff is little more than what my friend, pioneering green architect Peter … Read More »

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HVAC, SCADA, DCS and Other Process and Control Systems Take Advantage of the iPad™ Revolution with Watch*IT OPC® by Remote Process Alarms, LLC

Watch*IT OPC Express started out as an easy to use alarm management tool. It helped enhance the management of alarms with user defined alarms and remote notifications via emails and text messaging. The latest Remote Process Alarms release of Watch*IT OPC Express (version 1.3) includes Human Machine Interface (HMI) display graphics that look just like … Read More »

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Phoenix Police Offer Reward for Metal Thief

Police are offering a $1,000 reward as investigators search for the person who stole metal from air conditioning units of a Phoenix school district. Someone entered a fenced business yard for the Roosevelt School District, near 16th Street and East Southern Avenue in Phoenix, on Jan. 19, according to the Phoenix Police Department. The person … Read More »

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When to Replace Your Air Conditioning System

Chances are good that your air conditioner is inefficient and oversized if it is more than 10 years old. You can probably improve comfort, lower energy bills and reduce your environmental impact by replacing an old air conditioner. Comfort You should consider replacing your air conditioning system if it is noisy or no longer cooling … Read More »

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