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Evolving Standards

Defining High Performance Buildings High performance buildings support mission-critical objectives. Sustainable design principles guide new construction, while operational protocols and maintenance best practices ensure that buildings perform optimally over time. No matter what their age, high performance buildings use energy and water resources efficiently, while creating a positive occupant experience. Most importantly, high performance buildings … Read More »

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Why You Don’t Need Solar Panels

When people learn that I am a green building consultant, almost without exception, they ask me if I do a lot of work with solar power, which I don’t. I don’t install many solar power systems, either photovoltaic (the kind that creates electricity) or thermal (the kind that creates hot water). I have been accused … Read More »

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Resource Use & Sustainability

Balancing Multiple Objectives High performance buildings are sustainable buildings, in more ways than one. The conscientious, efficient use of resources aligns to both environmental and economic objectives. However, developing a performance action plan is a balancing act. A building’s environment is an interconnected system which needs to be aligned with an organization’s multiple goals. When … Read More »

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Mini Split Air Conditioners — Maintenance & Troubleshooting

If you are joining the growing trend of homeowners purchasing ductless mini split air conditioning systems, you may benefit from some suggestions on how to keep your system running well. Ductless mini split air conditioning systems are ideal for virtually any home or business. The “mini splits,” as they are sometimes called, overcome the need … Read More »

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Hot and Smart Home Products

After nearly two decades of traipsing through the International Builders Show, the housing industry’s annual trade show, I’ve noticed a pattern. When the market is booming, product manufacturers roll out splashy and silly products, like talking refrigerators, wash-and-dry heated toilet seats and crystal-handled gold faucets. In bad times, they focus on the basics, like beefed … Read More »

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