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What Is R22 Refrigerant?

The refrigerant known as R22 is a commonly used chlordiflouromethane found in air conditioning systems and several other refrigeration applications. R22 refrigerant is now banned for continued use due to proof that it can contribute to damage of the ozone layer. As of Dec. 31, 2009, it became required by law that any system that … Read More »

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Choosing an Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System

When looking for an energy efficient air conditioning system, it`s vital that you understand the concept of their overall function, design, and operation. It`s not necessary to become an expert on the subject before purchasing one, since an air conditioning contractor should be able to help you understand the more detailed concepts regarding appliance components … Read More »

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Furnace Thermostat – Facts You Need To Know About

Many homeowners have a furnace thermostat in their house, but most people don`t think about it beyond learning how it works to help provide heat for their home. It is a good idea for you to know some imperative facts about the thermostat. The thermostat is the control unit that will control the central heating … Read More »

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$100,000 Worth of AC Units Stolen From Glendale Church

Thieves stole several air conditioning units from a Glendale church early Monday morning, authorities said. They stole 10 ground-mounted units from the Church at Arrowhead in the 7900 block of West Union Hills Road, Glendale police spokesman Sgt. Brent Coombs said. The thermostats show that half of the units lost power at 1 a.m. and … Read More »

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Saving Energy With a Flueless Gas Fire

Man has gradually depleted the world of its huge natural reserves of oil and gas. Efforts are now being made to preserve these energy resources as well as our environment. Researches and advancements in technology have been focused on developing fuel-based appliances, vehicles and other machinery, in such a way that they conserve and preserve … Read More »

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