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Under Floor Heating Insulation

Winter nights will always make you crave for a warm house. Well, especially if you are living in a cold region the need to keep your house warm becomes more important for you and your family so that you can enjoy the warmth of the house with your family members instead of hitting the bed … Read More »

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How swamp coolers stack up to A/C

Swamp coolers are commonly, and perhaps more appropriately, known as evaporative coolers. A swamp cooler can make a hot, desert house more comfortable. Swamp coolers are an effective and energy-efficient alternative to traditional air conditioners for low-humidity climates. Evaporative coolers combine a fan with the power of evaporative cooling. They pull in dry air and … Read More »

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Air Cleaning Systems – Types of Air Cleaning Systems

Clean air these days is becoming a luxury that most people are hard on attaining not until air cleaning systems have been invented. The air purifying systems are the newest line of air cleaners that are made in order to provide clean air to your home. If you are considering of buying air purifying systems, … Read More »

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Peoria High School Arts Center Needs New HVAC System

After voters authorized $41.7 million for renovations at Peoria High School, the 28-year-old heating and cooling system in the Performing Arts Center finally gave out this fall. Temporary heaters have kept the arts center at tolerable temperatures since the Valley’s first cold spell in September, and will continue to do so until the unit can … Read More »

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Heating – A Must Have

Gone are the days when we were at the nature`s mercy, struggling hard in search of comfort. Technology has simplified our lives and has given us new levels of comfort. One such little element of technology serving greatly is the Heater. These are basically the electric version of fire, mans very old companion. There are … Read More »

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