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Did You Know?

Did you know… Poorly maintained HVAC equipment consumes more energy than it should and can cost more to operate. It is also more prone to breakdowns that can increase repair and down-time costs. An Advanced Diagnostic Tune-up can improve the operating efficiency of your cooling equipment and identify potential repairs before your equipment breaks down. … Read More »

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Energy Saving Tips

Follow these tips to save on energy costs Install these energy-efficient measures: Replace and recycle your old refrigerator and purchase energy-efficient models. Units only 10 years old can use twice as much electricity as a new ENERGY STAR® labeled model. Insulate ceilings to R-38 levels if your attic has less than R-19. Caulk windows, doors … Read More »

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The Best Houseplants for Clean Air and Better Health

Plants promote clean air. They also fight fatigue, stress, dry throat and headache — at home or in the office. Here, the best houseplants for staying healthy. Yes, there are toxins in the air around us, but there’s a simple way to cut down on them — without a HEPA filter. According to the Wall … Read More »


20 Ways to Combat Allergies

If the drip, sniff, sneeze, and itch of allergies have you thinking of buying stock in the company that makes Kleenex, dry your eyes and prepare to take action. You’re going to wage battle inside your house and even inside your body to reduce the number of allergy attacks you suffer and minimize those so-annoying … Read More »


When Life Hands You Lemons…

Surprising news about some warm-weather staples. Lemonade It may prevent kidney stones. In a long-term study, Duke University doctors found that people who drank a daily mix of lemon juice and water had increased levels of urinary citrate (low levels are linked to stones). Avoid sugary, calorie-laden mixes and stick to ’ades made with real … Read More »

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