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Building a House to Fit Local Climate Conditions

Before the invention of central heat and air conditioning, people generally built houses that were designed to be as comfortable and durable as possible for their specific climate. In hot climates, they built overhangs to shade windows and protect from rain, high ceilings to let the hot air rise above the people, porches to sit … Read More »

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Yearly HVAC Filter Changing Schedule

In the old days, the only filter most folks had to worry about was in the furnace, but that’s changed. In today’s airtight and precisely climate-controlled indoor spaces, a home may have a half-dozen or more filters to check, some of them on a year-round basis. At the same time, much more is known about … Read More »

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Seal Your Ducts to Save Energy

By now, you’ve probably heard something about how sealing the ductwork in your forced-air heating (and central air conditioning) system can save energy and money. Well, it’s true, no matter how old your house is. Admittedly, this rather tedious job clearly falls in the category of Unsexy Home Energy Improvements (perhaps right below weatherstripping and … Read More »

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Effective Air Conditioning Cooling Tips

Do not be surprised if you learn that using a bigger air conditioner will not necessarily make you feel better during the intense summer heat! If you buy an air conditioning system that is comparatively bigger than the room itself, it will not be as effective and efficient in cooling, as compared to using an … Read More »

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Energy Efficiency Goes Through the Roof

Energy-efficient metal and asphalt roofing products will keep your attic cool and reduce the air conditioner’s load. The roofing may qualify for a federal tax credit as well. Below is information on these options, plus information about two more unusual energy-efficient roofing options. Reflecting on Metal Metal is the fastest-growing segment of the roofing market. … Read More »

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