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How to Lower Your Company’s Air Conditioning Bill

NEW YORK — The government is predicting that it won’t be as hot this summer as it was last year. But you’ll probably still have the air conditioner going full blast at your small business. And you could probably shave some money off your electric bill without much effort. If you take some steps now, … Read More »

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How to Get the Most from a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can be set to automatically adjust the temperature at different times of day. The idea is to maintain comfort while reducing energy usage. For example, you can automatically lower the winter temperature to 58 degrees while you are sleeping or away at work. You can then set the thermostat to automatically rise to … Read More »

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How Do I Know If My Compressor Is Failing?

A failing air conditioning compressor can often reveal itself in several different ways. You might notice: The AC unit may be louder than normal The AC unit runs excessively You notice a spike in your electric bill Call Urgent Air at 602-377-1999 if you notice any of these symptoms.

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HVAC Energy Saving Tips

Here are 13 tips that can help you save money. Schedule routine maintenance to ensure all of your air conditioning components are running efficiently. Change your air filter regularly! We recommend once a month. Clogged, dirty filters block normal air flow and reduce a system’s efficiency significantly. Home insulation can’t be over-emphasized! Properly insulating your … Read More »

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Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioner Running at Peak Performance

During monsoon season, in order to help prevent excessive humidity in your home it is often a good idea utilize your exhaust fans (i.e. laundry room, utility room, bathrooms, kitchen, etc). If your home does not have any exhaust fans consider getting them installed. Minimize the amount of time that your doors and windows are … Read More »