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Higley Opts for Energy-Conservation Pact Despite Reservations

Higley Unified School District governing board members voted unanimously Thursday to move forward with a proposed energy-conservation program despite two members’ concerns about the bidding process. The program will upgrade infrastructure on campuses and would require the district to take out a possible $5 million low-interest loan. The contract is with Climatec, a Phoenix company … Read More »

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3 Tempe Projects Win Environmental Awards

Most visitors to the busy Ikea store in Tempe have no idea what is taking place on the roof. The roof of that store features a 75,000-square-foot solar array consisting of 2,600 panels capable of generating close to 1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. The panels prevent the equivalent of 760 tons of carbon dioxide … Read More »

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Air Conditioning Coming to Downtown Phoenix Light Rail Stop

As 100-plus-degree temperatures set in, a solar-powered cooling system is coming to a busy Metro light rail stop in downtown Phoenix. NRG Thermal LLC, a subsidiary of Phoenix-based NRG Energy Inc., will build a system allowing travelers to push a button at the 3rd Street/Washington light rail stop for a hit of cool air. It … Read More »

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Peoria Police Investigate 44 Reports of Stolen AC Units

Thieves have been stealing air conditioning units and scrap metal from vacant homes across Peoria, police say. “We see it more in the north part of the city where there are newer homes, because they are taking AC units from the ground and not the roofs,” Peoria police public information officer Jay Davies said. In … Read More »

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Investors Drawn to Colorado-Based Ice Energy’s Twist on Cutting Air-Conditioning Costs

Windsor-based Ice Energy has a sophisticated business plan centered around a simple concept: Store electricity at night when it’s plentiful and use it during the day to cool buildings. The company’s Ice Bear units freeze 450 gallons of water at night and the ice melts during the day to deliver cool air through buildings’ existing … Read More »

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