Urgent Air LLC
C-39 ROC 264451 L-39 ROC 264452
Licensed ● Bonded ● Insured

Urgent Air’s Heat Pump Systems and AC Systems Multi-Point inspections consist of:

  • Inspecting voltage
  • Inspecting amp draw
  • Inspecting proper fuse sizing
  • Inspecting electrical connections
  • Inspecting safety controls and operations
  • Inspecting the thermostat and operation
  • Inspecting filter conditions
  • Addressing any customer concerns
  • Inspecting condenser fan motor amps
  • Inspecting condenser fan motor capacitor
  • Inspecting condenser fan motor bearings
  • Inspecting condenser fan motor temperature
  • Inspecting condenser fan blade condition
  • Inspecting blower motor amps
  • Inspecting blower motor capacitor
  • Inspecting blower motor temperature
  • Inspecting blower motor bearings
  • Inspecting blower wheel condition
  • Inspecting the supply duct
  • Inspecting the return duct
  • Inspecting the condensate drain and vent
  • Clearing the condensate drain of any debris
  • Inspecting drain overflow
  • Inspecting supply air temperature
  • Inspecting return air temperature
  • Inspecting suction temperature of compressor
  • Inspecting discharge temperature of compressor
  • Inspecting operation of reversing valve (otherwise known as change-over valve)
  • Inspecting Air flow
  • Inspecting compressor amp draw
  • Inspecting compressor run and/or start components
  • Inspecting system noise and operation
  • Inspecting driers
  • Inspecting metering devices
  • Confirming pressures, if an issue is suspected
  • Inspecting service valves
  • Inspecting belt condition if applicable
  • Inspecting condition of the evaporator coil
  • Inspecting condition of the condenser coil
  • Washing condenser coil with water if available
  • Adjusting vents if requested

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