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Global energy management interest reaches all-time high

Johnson Controls survey finds energy savings and incentives drive investment decisions MILWAUKEE -PRNewswire- Eighty-five percent of building owners and operators globally depend on energy management to drive operational efficiency, according to a survey released today by Johnson Controls, global leader in delivering solutions that increase energy efficiency in buildings. This represents a 34-point increase in … Read More »

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Top 4 Things That Interfere With Central A/C

Take care of the more boring, tedious, and important things like these first, before you install new equipment. Plenty of people who run central air conditioning systems in Phoenix (and other cities where hot weather dominates the calendar) complain about how their air conditioning doesn’t do a good job keeping their home comfortable, and, in … Read More »


Energy Efficiency In The 112th Congress

A number of bipartisan energy-efficiency bills have emerged or been reintroduced in the 112th Congress. The following four Senate and three House bills are representative of the suite of legislation that aims to incentivize energy-efficiency in homes and businesses. There many bills not listed here, including bills that would extend tax incentives for efficiency upgrades … Read More »

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Energy Saving Tips

Follow these tips to save on energy costs Install these energy-efficient measures: Replace and recycle your old refrigerator and purchase energy-efficient models. Units only 10 years old can use twice as much electricity as a new ENERGY STAR® labeled model. Insulate ceilings to R-38 levels if your attic has less than R-19. Caulk windows, doors … Read More »

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For Energy Efficiency, Replace Your Windows Last

When most people think about energy efficiency, once they stop talking about solar panels, they usually get to windows. “My windows are so old,” or “They’re only single pane glass,” or “I need to replace them,” and so on, much if it fueled by the replacement window industry selling the energy savings. Unfortunately, in most … Read More »

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