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Choosing an Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System

When looking for an energy efficient air conditioning system, it`s vital that you understand the concept of their overall function, design, and operation. It`s not necessary to become an expert on the subject before purchasing one, since an air conditioning contractor should be able to help you understand the more detailed concepts regarding appliance components … Read More »

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Energy Efficiency Goes Through the Roof

Energy-efficient metal and asphalt roofing products will keep your attic cool and reduce the air conditioner’s load. The roofing may qualify for a federal tax credit as well. Below is information on these options, plus information about two more unusual energy-efficient roofing options. Reflecting on Metal Metal is the fastest-growing segment of the roofing market. … Read More »

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3 Tempe Projects Win Environmental Awards

Most visitors to the busy Ikea store in Tempe have no idea what is taking place on the roof. The roof of that store features a 75,000-square-foot solar array consisting of 2,600 panels capable of generating close to 1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. The panels prevent the equivalent of 760 tons of carbon dioxide … Read More »

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Investors Drawn to Colorado-Based Ice Energy’s Twist on Cutting Air-Conditioning Costs

Windsor-based Ice Energy has a sophisticated business plan centered around a simple concept: Store electricity at night when it’s plentiful and use it during the day to cool buildings. The company’s Ice Bear units freeze 450 gallons of water at night and the ice melts during the day to deliver cool air through buildings’ existing … Read More »

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Buy Now, Pay Later

Champions of energy efficiency argue that upgrading homes and businesses saves billions in the long run. But who will pay for it now? The upfront cost of energy efficiency can be a stumbling block to more efficient lighting, insulation, air conditioning and other equipment. Entrepreneurs, utilities and governments are experimenting fervently with financing arrangements that … Read More »

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