Thieves stole several air conditioning units from a Glendale church early Monday morning, authorities said.

They stole 10 ground-mounted units from the Church at Arrowhead in the 7900 block of West Union Hills Road, Glendale police spokesman Sgt. Brent Coombs said.

The thermostats show that half of the units lost power at 1 a.m. and the other half lost power at 3 a.m., church spokesman Dennis Adams said.

Adams estimated the cost to repair the units will be around $100,000. The church has insurance but will have to pay a deductible he said.

This isn’t the first theft the church has dealt with. The church has twice had brass wiring stolen from air-conditioning units, he said. Adams said one of the cases was in broad daylight and the thieves were wearing bright orange construction vests. After that, church volunteers built cages for the units as a temporary deterrent, Adams said. That didn’t stop the this morning’s theft.

Adams said the church is looking into some new technology to stop the problem.