When looking for an energy efficient air conditioning system, it`s vital that you understand the concept of their overall function, design, and operation. It`s not necessary to become an expert on the subject before purchasing one, since an air conditioning contractor should be able to help you understand the more detailed concepts regarding appliance components and installation. But getting a general understanding regarding proper air conditioning size, selection, correct use, and general appliance maintenance should help you keep your energy costs down and increase the life of the air conditioner. It`s best to prevent small issues before the become more costly problems, resulting in the need to call an air conditioning contractor to repair the appliance.

Energy efficient air conditioning systems are currently the most coveted appliances among most home owners. Heating and cooling costs average somewhere around $1,000 a year. Around half of all energy consumption goes to the use of heating and cooling appliances. By replacing a unit that is over ten years old with a new energy efficient model, you could end up saving around 30% of your cooling costs each year. Energy Star certified energy efficient air conditioning appliances have a higher seasonal efficiency rating (also known as a SEER rating) than less efficient standard air conditioners. Their higher seasonal efficiency rating results in big savings over time due to less energy usage. Not only will you be saving money by using an energy efficient air conditioning system, but you`ll also be helping to save our environment by cutting down on your pollution contribution each year. Energy Star certified appliances contribute less greenhouse gases into the air, and do not add as much to smog and acid rain pollution. Though energy efficient air conditioning appliances are more costly to purchase initially, the price difference will be paid back over time by helping you save money on your energy consumption. Getting the unit installed properly can also help you save money later on, so be sure to find an air-conditioning contractor that is qualified for the job. Having your home properly sealed and weatherized as well as ensuring your air ducts aren`t leaky can result in massive energy savings as well.

In addition to investing in an energy saving air conditioner, you can also take a few steps to ensure you`re getting the most out of your appliance and not wasting unnecessary energy. Leaving the thermostat on a predetermined temperature instead of turning it up and down repeatedly can save you a considerable amount of money. Your air conditioner works at the same rate no matter what setting you put it on, so putting it on an extremely cold temperature will not help your home cool down more quickly. Using fans inside the house as well as keeping blinds or curtains drawn during hot summer days can also help ease the strain on a home`s air conditioner. Using dehumidifiers and exhaust fans can help reduce the amount of hot and humid air floating around your home as well.