The compressor is like the heart of your AC system. They are usually very reliable, but they can fail and failures are often related to underlying problems that are preventable.


Watch this fast motion video of a compressor replacement!

The compressor is the heart of your system, pumping refrigerant into the condenser coil.

To prevent premature failure of your compressor, preventative maintenance is essential. Weak or failing capacitors can cause the system to struggle to pump efficiently. This causes the compressor to consume more energy and become electrically hot, thus degrading its life expectancy. Likewise, having low refrigerant causes the compressor not to cool properly. Over a long period of time refrigerant is prone to escape throughout the system, which is why yearly check-ups are important.

If the compressor is the heart of your system, your condenser coil is its lungs. A dirty coil will cause the compressor to overheat causing your system to run inefficiently and put unnecessary stress on your compressor.

R22, 407c and 410a Systems

R22 are pressure sensitive systems, therefore when converting to 401a you must change out the entire system. However, if you are not ready to replace your entire R22 system, we have solutions for compressors that fail in R22 systems. When an R22 compressor fails, the replacement compressor comes with new oil that can be matched with 407c. 407c is a direct replacement for R22, it is a fraction of the price and a safe alternative.