Do not be surprised if you learn that using a bigger air conditioner will not necessarily make you feel better during the intense summer heat!

If you buy an air conditioning system that is comparatively bigger than the room itself, it will not be as effective and efficient in cooling, as compared to using an appropriately sized cooling unit for it. This happens because the room units tend to work better when they are run for longer periods at a stretch. But instead, if you keep switching it on and off, then you will not get the desired results out of it.

When air conditioners are allowed to run for a longer period of time, it helps to maintain a constant room temperature. When run for longer durations, they become more effective in removing moisture from the atmosphere. This in turn helps to lower the humidity level, and most importantly, makes one feel comfortable.

Even in case of central cooling, it is important to take care of the sizing of the unit. Thus, to get it right, you should get the sizing done by professionals. If there is a system of central air cooling in your home, then the fan should also be set to shut off at the same time as the cooling unit. The important point is not to use the central fan of the system to circulate cool air through the room. Rather, you should use individual fans in each room to do that.

There are some important cooling tips which you should follow to optimise the cooling from these systems:

·The whole house`s fans help to keep your house cool. They do this by exhausting all the warm air through the attic and pulling cool air all through the house. These are more effective at night when the outside air is cooler than the inside air.

·When using these cooling systems, set the thermostat as high as possible. The less difference there is between inside and outdoor temperature, the lower the overall cooling effect will be.

·Do not set the cooling at more than normal when you turn on your air conditioner. It will not in any way help your home cool any faster. Rather, it will result in excessive cooling and hence more expense.

These are some of the basic tips which will help you get more from your regular cooling system.