A quick search on the internet will show varied sites featuring comprehensive heat pump reviews. Of what use would they be? Many buyers have bought it based on the recommendations of hard selling salesmen alone or on the recommendations of friends or colleagues only to find out that they did not get the best heat pump prices and capacities that are most suitable for them.

First off, one should be aware of what his requirements are and what type of system is most preferable for his use. Sometimes, heat pumps are bought as replacements for the present heating and cooling systems. He should inquire how does air heating and geothermal heating work in solving his problems or meeting his needs. The most attractive feature of this pumps is that there is just one system to purchase, install and maintain which can function both as a heating system and as an air conditioning system. Heat pumps and its installation are generally expensive but will pay off in the long run with substantial energy savings.

The heat pump reviews serve as a guide for those who are looking for a good buy. Most manufacturers have their own websites which provide useful information about their products but they do not provide information on the competition so it would be difficult to compare. Since they are on the lookout for customers to sell their product to, the information that they provide would be those that are most beneficial and convincing enough to entice the customers to buy.

Some of the unbiased heat pump reviews are those that are prepared by non-profit or government agencies. A comprehensive review is available on the website of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy which contains a comparison of various pumps in tabulated form for easy evaluation and comparison. Blogs and forums are also reliable online sources that feature heat pump owner experiences. One can also do his own review by getting brochures and other sales literatures from home supply outlets or from dealers.

The most useful reviews should include heating and cooling capacity which is measurable in tons, manufacturer, condenser model, SEER range which is used to measure its cooling ability (minimum of 13.0) and HSPF range which is used to measure heating ability (minimum of 7.7). They should ideally be unbiased, complete, up to date and reliable and contain the manufacturer names, addresses, websites and phone numbers for additional information that will assist in determining what type and brand would be most suitable for the needs.