Gone are the days when we were at the nature`s mercy, struggling hard in search of comfort. Technology has simplified our lives and has given us new levels of comfort. One such little element of technology serving greatly is the Heater. These are basically the electric version of fire, mans very old companion. There are many classifications of the heater but it is basically defined as a device that uses some kind of fuel to produce heat in order to make something warm or hot, especially a device to heat the air in a room or vehicle.

No matter where you live or what you do, you would be needing these heaters to perform various different day to day chores. Unless you eat only uncooked food, counting meat, you will need a heater to cook with; a stove, oven and different electrical appliances that cook your food. You will be requiring it in the simple things like heating your bath or shower water; this not only provides personal comfort, but aids in killing harmful bacteria on your skin. If you are thinking that this is the last thing you need living in the dessert then you are wrong as desserts are known to grow extremely chilly in nights. Not only this, most of the crucial industries depend upon heaters aiding manufacturing processes.

The general types of heaters we have today are hot water heaters, water bed heaters, outdoor heaters and space heaters. All the heaters work on one fundamental heating process. Heating procedures are intended to generate and adjust thermal conditions within buildings, for industrial use, and for comfort. These use electricity, gas, or solar energy to cause temperature rise. Other forms of fuel are also used, such as propane, gasoline and kerosene. Heaters, therefore, must be cautiously used so that they perform their desired purpose without causing destruction. Any heat source carelessly used or unsupervised can mean unprecedented disaster.

Be it one form or the other Heaters have got vital role to play. For example space heaters helps protecting from the extreme cold that can causes illness, injury and even death by freezing. These devises vary from simple open fires to built-in fireplaces. Likewise, stock must also be kept warm during winter. Many species of animals have cold-resistant fur or feathers, but domesticated animals like cows, sheep, hogs and horses need a heating device in their stables or barns to keep warm. Losing livestock to extreme cold can mean economic damage to farmers and ranchers.

Thus heaters are modern day utility making our lives simple and easier.