Watch*IT OPC Express started out as an easy to use alarm management tool. It helped enhance the management of alarms with user defined alarms and remote notifications via emails and text messaging. The latest Remote Process Alarms release of Watch*IT OPC Express (version 1.3) includes Human Machine Interface (HMI) display graphics that look just like control system terminals. It delivers the graphical information wirelessly via Wi-Fi networks to tablets and smartphones with mobile apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

The new version brings HMI Graphics with Unit Relative Tags so users can create one graphic that represents the similarities of multiple equipment units. Each common point then gets a unit relative tag that is mapped to an actual data point coming from the unit. For example, a microbrewery might have several fermentors. While the fermentors may have some differences, they all have a temperature, pH, and level values.

With Watch*IT OPC Express one graphic is made with placeholders for the temperature, pH, and level values and the actual readings are displayed based on which vessel is selected. Users can take it a step further and merge information from across multiple systems. In the microbrewery example, the graphic could display information from the fermentor’s control system and the room temperature and humidity from the HVAC system.

Watch*IT OPC Express is not just for tables and smartphones. Users can take all this information and deliver it to company conference rooms or break areas with Google TVs. Watch*IT OPC Express extends system usability and unifies different systems without the cost of adding new proprietary terminal hardware and software licensing fees.

Watch*IT OPC version 1.3 also offers 24hr history charts for all the system tags in the system and a virtually unlimited number of read only HMI display graphics. Learn more about Watch*IT OPC at their website

Remote Process Alarms, LLC (RPA) is a provider of process automation system monitoring software and services. RPA is dedicated to delivering manufacturing data to the new wireless platforms and technology that allows users to get real-time process data and alarms from DCS, SCADA, HVAC, BMS, BAS, PLC, and other similar systems. The RPA team has served commercial and industrial customers with discretion for over 15 years and is an OPC Foundation Member.

Remote Process Alarms is the maker of the Watch*IT OPC line of products designed to collect and monitor manufacturing data via OPC systems.