MILWAUKEE – Johnson Controls, a global leader in delivering products, services and solutions that increase energy efficiency in buildings, has increased the flexibility of its YORK® model CYK chillers with the addition of the Quantum™ LX control panel.

Incorporating hardware and technology proven in thousands of applications, the Quantum LX control panel meets the needs of a variety of applications, including heat pumps, water chilling, radiators, ice thermal storage and process cooling. The intuitive control features a touch screen interface and multiple language support, including English, Chinese, Italian and French. In addition, the panel’s virtual human machine interface (HMI) allows the user to access panel information remotely. The user can interact with the chiller from the control room, board room or other remote locations using a computer or smart phone with intranet/internet connectivity.

The panel’s flash memory requires no battery backup. Software versions can be easily upgraded using a USB flash drive.

Chiller serviceability also improves with the Quantum LX control panel. In addition to downloadable trending for better history and data collection, and the ability to freeze screens for improved troubleshooting, the panel offers historic data stored at longer intervals and diagnostic features that include a protocol analyzer, I/O boards and data capture.

YORK model CYK chillers offer superior high-head performance, using two centrifugal compressors arranged in series to handle air-cooled condensing, brine chilling, and heat pump applications outside the range of typical centrifugal chillers. Capacity control on each compressor enables better performance at off-design conditions than is typical for multistage compressors. In addition, multiple compressors mean lower inrush currents during start-up and lower sound levels during operation. The chillers use HFC-134a refrigerant and are available in a wide range of capacities.

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