CHICAGO,– LG Electronics, a worldwide award-winning HVAC solutions provider, today announced new energy-efficient products designed to grow the company’s U.S. commercial and residential HVAC business. Leading the 2012 line up of energy-efficient HVAC systems is LG’s new Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) third generation Multi V III commercial air conditioning system for large-scale facilities.

This week at the International Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Expo (AHR Expo) in Chicago (booth #5149) LG is introducing innovative enhancements to its VRF and Duct Free Systems (DFS) lines, as well as new high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rated (SEER) models for residential and light commercial applications.

“LG is committed to providing innovative, energy-efficient products for our customers around the world,” said Teddy Hwang, executive vice president of the LG Electronics Air Conditioning and Energy Solution Company. “In the U.S., Multi V III with VRF technology is leading the way in energy-efficient solutions. We’re confident that our new products unveiled at the AHR Expo will continue to grow our U.S. business and further establish LG’s leadership in transforming the HVAC landscape in North America.”

Multi V IIIThe third-generation in LG’s popular Multi V series uses next-generation VRF technology that achieves a breakthrough with energy efficiency standards in both Heat Pump and Heat Recovery models. The Multi V III Heat Pump allows occupants to choose either to air-condition or heat all zones in use, while the Heat Recovery model allows for synchronous cooling and heating in different zones at the same time. Units are available from 6-36 tons and 208-230V or 460V. Multi V III is LG’s flagship commercial HVAC system as demand for energy-saving HVAC technology continues to grow.

“Multi V III offers lower lifecycle costs than traditional HVAC systems on the market today, and contributes a number of potential LEED* points,” said Kevin McNamara, vice president, Commercial Air Conditioning, LG Electronics USA. “This week we’re introducing a breakthrough in higher energy efficiency solutions, up to 21.8 IEER, that blends effortlessly into a wide range of commercial and residential environments.”

Citing VRF technology’s “unparalleled advantages over conventional ducted systems,” McNamara explained Multi V III’s key benefits for building owners:

Excellent Energy Efficiency: Strong AHRI Certified® ratings and an Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER) of up to 21.8 solidify LG’s position as a market leader.

AHRI Standard 1230 Certification®: Multi V III is one of the first performance certified VRF systems. This ensures building owners receive verified ratings.

Longer Piping Distances: Owners can reach extra zones that are further away from the Multi V III unit. With up to 3,280-feet of total equivalent length, a maximum run length of 656-feet and a height elevation of 360-feet, Multi V III reduces the need to invest in extra systems and saves on installation.

LG Inverter Scroll: A new high side shell innovation offers a more compact size for the same capacity output with greater reliability in cold climates.

Rapid Start Cooling: The fast response cooling or heating feature reaches room set point temperatures faster than previous LG systems.

Compact Footprint: Multi V III supports more indoor zones and takes up less outdoor space. When space or access is at a premium, this equates to significant cost advantages for the owner on large projects.

Engaging EngineersLG has been investing in the U.S. HVAC market for over a decade, delivering award-winning heating and cooling products and training industry professionals at its Commercial Air Conditioning training academies.

At AHR Expo this week, LG announced the Multi V III rollout schedule including engineering, educational and training events across the U.S. The engineer engagement schedule runs from January to April and includes stops in Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Indianapolis, Houston, Boston, St. Louis and Honolulu.

Expanded Product LineHighlighted at AHR Expo here this week is LG’s expanded product line, including the new Multi V Water II, a new high-efficiency inverter water source heat pump that enables capacity to vary based on load fluctuation. This eco-friendly heating and cooling system can also be used in geothermal applications.

LG’s Multi V Mini is a two pipe heat pump system that is available in capacities of 3, 4 and 4.4 tons. This system is best suited for applications with up to 9 zones that require either heating or cooling with indoor units totalling up to 5.7 tons of capacity. Multi V Mini outdoor units are available in 208/230V single phase which suits small buildings and residences.

With today’s concern for maintaining a healthy indoor environment, the new LG Eco V is an integral component of any HVAC system. This high efficiency air-to-air heat exchanger allows introduction of tempered outdoor air to ducted and cassette indoor units or directly to the space while connecting to LG’s controls system or operating standalone.

LG’s high static ducted units offer a full range of capacities from 1/2 to 8 tons. With short supply and return ducts, static pressure losses are minimized when compared to conventional ducted systems. Ducted units can be installed in schools, offices, conference rooms, homes and residence retrofits, hallways and lobbies or anywhere a unit must be concealed.

The popular LG Art Cool Mirror wall mounted units have style to fit any decor. Similar to the standard wall mounted unit, the Art Cool Mirror hangs on an easily installed factory supplied wall bracket, making installation simple. Energy efficiency for the Art Cool Mirror units range from 18.9 SEER to 20 SEER. Also on display this week, LG’s Art Cool Gallery model provides a three dimensional air flow system with the look and feel of a stylish photo frame. More information on Multi V III, VRF technology and additional LG commercial air conditioning solutions can be found at and .

Designs, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

*LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an internationally-recognized green building certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED provides building owners and operators with a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions.

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